Mar 22, 2021|

JD Auction: Five Years, 100M Items


by Vivian Yang

JD Auction is moving into the production zones of jade, porcelain, tea and other treasures to make bidding an online livestream carnival for its customers. The initiative which will last from Mar. 18-31 is part of the celebration for JD Auction’s fifth anniversary.

“Online auctions from production zones can offer rich choices and convenient shopping experiences for customers and draw them closer to the craftsmen and their great works,” said Chengxin Han, head of JD Auction.

JD Auction has now established dozens of livestream bases in production zones for several treasures throughout China, including Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province for ceramics, Shifosi of Henan province for Hetian Jade, Xianyou of Fujian province for worry beads, as well as the origin of Pu’er tea from Yunnan province, and black tea from Jiangsu province.

“We ensure all the products have gone through authoritative quality inspection before appearing on JD Auction’s platform, and we provide premier delivery and other services to meet the various demands of our customers,” noted Han.

For example, customers can order bespoke products through interacting with craftsmen and artists via livestream in production zones, such as dark-red ceramic tea-pots, jade bracelets, calligraphy and other handicrafts.

The platform also used VR technology to present panoramic experience for dark-red ceramic arts by top-notch craftsmen for more people to appreciate and bid for purchase.

Having a delicate dark-red tea-set is a preparation step to welcome the spring tea tasting season that is arriving in late March to early April. JD Auction will continue to promote tea auction from China’s famous tea production zones in the coming weeks.

From electronics, cars, collectibles, to highways, airlines, and more, more than 100 million items in 200 categories have been sold on JD Auction in the past five years, making JD Auction one of the most comprehensive online auction platforms with the widest variety of auction items in China.