Jul 17, 2020|

JD Won an International Art Design Award


by Ling Cao

JD won the C-IDEA Design Award, an international student competition that collects design works from around the world in different design categories. For the artwork, JD has made optimized the design of its PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) for JD couriers. The PDAs are used to deal with parcel delivery and collection every day. The design adjustments improve work efficiency and make their day more joyful.

Tao Di, design director of the User Experience Design Department at JD Logistics (LUE), said, “We leveraged data and research to turn a traditionally cold tool into a warm partner. This is not just to improve functions, but more importantly to improve how couriers feel when they use them.”

Specifically, they made several major improvement recommendations, and are trying to make them practical, including making the homepage banner blue based on the idea came from research about interfaces used specifically under strong outdoor light, and the dark light in the corridor. The research finds that the color blue can make users enter a calm and focused state more quickly. Other recommendations include cartoon designed icons, regular and more logical layouts for each function, smart route planning, smart measurement function, and virtual badges employees when they make progress or reach milestones.