Jul 17, 2020|

Chinese Star Rocker Sold RMB 200M+ of Products through JD Live


by Yuchuan Wang

On July 15th, Chinese star rocker Wang Feng did his first livestreaming on JD, China’s largest retailer, as the Chief Livestreaming Officer for JD’s flash sales. The 4-hour livestream attracted over 9.15 million views and sold over RMB 200 million yuan (US$ 28.6 million) of products.

Chinese star rocker Wang Feng
Wang Feng on JD Live

As e-commerce livestreaming becomes a phenomenon in China, more and more celebrities are becoming livestreamers, but not all of them can easily succeed. It depends on their ability to effectively convert their fans to consumers.

“Only by recommending the right product to the right person, can livestreaming leverage the celebrity effect on sales.” said Guowei Zhang, head of JD Live. To this point, not only JD provided a list of recommended products based on big data, but Wang Feng also joined the planning, product selecting and marketing processes.

“Only by recommending the right product to the right person,
Wang Feng’s livestreaming room

His livestreaming introduced over 30 products from a variety of categories such as food, baby products, home and daily-life products, electronics, computers and beverages, covering brands of Huawei, Philips, Lenovo and many more. Wang Feng was well-prepared for the livestreaming, and indicated that he is attentive to consumer needs, while sharing his own experience.  He had strong knowledge of the products he sells, in terms of functions, specifications and brand histories.

“In my livestreaming room, it’s my duty to provide the best products at the lowest price.” said Wang Feng, during the livestreaming.

Wang Feng is husband of Zhang Ziyi, an international movie star.