Apr 12, 2021|

JD Worldwide to Launch Cuban National Pavilion


by Kelly Dawson

JD Worldwide will soon launch a Cuban National Pavilion store to foster more exchange between China and Cuba, as discussed during a visit by the Cuban ambassador to China at JD.com’s headquarters in Beijing this morning.

The pavilion will aim to not only introduce Chinese consumers to more Cuban products but also Cuban culture, in support of increased tourism and academic exchange between the two countries.

“2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and China,” said Cuban Ambassador to China Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernandez. “I hope to take this opportunity to increase economic, trade and investment cooperation with China, especially online e-commerce cooperation.”

Cuban Ambassador to China Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernandez visited JD HQ
Cuban Ambassador to China Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernandez visited JD HQ

Targeting to launch in July, the Cuba National Pavilion will offer iconic Cuban products including dozens of brands of rum aged 5 to 7 years, cigar-related accessories, tropical fruits and juices, and some local supplements.

“We are excited to bring the vibrancy of Cuban culture and products to Chinese consumers,” said Luke Liu, head of JD Worldwide’s brand development team. “Thanks to JD’s robust cross-border ecommerce business, strong supply chain, big data capabilities, and the guidance of Ambassador Pereira, I believe that the Cuba National Pavilion has a bright future.”

JD Worldwide’s National Pavilions project was launched in 2018 to introduce a range of high-quality products spanning multiple brands in each “pavilion,” providing an easier shopping experience and also ensuring a more efficient process for brands when compared with separate launches. JD Worldwide has also welcomed other countries to the platform including Sri Lanka, Peru and more.