Sep 10, 2020|

JDC CEO Talks to Reuters About Technology Empowering


by Martin Li

JD Central (JDC) will expand infrastructure and technology services to support sellers in Thailand that are seeking to digitalize their businesses after the coronavirus pandemic, CEO of JDC Vincent Yang said in an interview with Reuters in Bangkok on September 8.

JDC is the e-commerce joint venture between and Central Group, the retail conglomerate in Thailand. It launched in 2018 and is a combination of direct-to-consumer and marketplace businesses.  It is the first online shopping platform in Thailand claiming to provide 100%  authentic products.

Yang said that consumer behavior in the country is changing rapidly, with the pandemic playing a major role in boosting online commerce in the first half of this year. Even so,  sellers including brands and retailers have not been able to keep up with the digital transformation seen elsewhere, he said.

“You need to build the warehouses, logistics, and a huge system of solutions to help,” he said.

JDC has been actively using its resources to enable offline businesses that were impacted by the pandemic. There are approximately 40 small-and-medium enterprises that use the e-commerce services provided by JD Central, including product listing, data analysis, marketing, store design, customer service, and more.

JD Central will launch an app later this year to help sellers more easily take their businesses online and make use of a wider range of digital solutions, according to Yang.

Sellers can use the app for back-end solutions, to integrate with their offline operations and sell on the JD Central marketplace or other platforms, like social media.

“In the future, JD Central could make money from technologies, not just e-commerce,” he said.

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