Nov 30, 2020|

JDD CEO Joins APEC Digital Economy Body


by Martin Li

Chen Shengqiang, CEO of JD Digits (JDD) has joined as one of the first members of the newly founded APEC China Business Council Digital Economy Committee.

The committee is aimed at encouraging digital economy enterprises in China to deeply participate in the development of APEC and construction of the global economic governance system.

JDD CEO Chen Shengqiang speaks at the founding cerremony on November 19.

At the founding ceremony on Nov. 19, Chen called on all the members to build a collaborative and connected digital economy ecosystem by attaching fundamental importance to industry, livelihood and value creation.

“Government, industry and citizens are three pillars in digital economy system. What JDD has been doing is to use digitalized tools to serve government, industry and citizens, to reduce cost of social government, industrial development and people services,” said Chen, who is also chairman of the APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneur Committee.

Group photo of the first members of the committee.

There are about 60 members of the digital economy committee, who are from leading digital economy enterprises, real economy enterprises and fast growing small-and-medium-sized enterprises. Gree Electric Appliances chairwoman Dong Mingzhu, Xiaomi president Wang Xiang and Suning president Ren Jun are some of the other members.

The committee is chaired by Gaoning Ning, 62, chairman of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). Mr. Ning is Chairman of CHEMCHINA, the largest manufacturer of basic chemistry in China.

The committee consists of four work teams focusing on digital technology and smart city, digital life and consumption, industry digitization, health and medical care, respectively. It will organize regular work meetings, policy dialogues and research, as well as build an international communication network.