Nov 30, 2020|

JD and Delixi Electric Unveil A Hope Primary School in Yunnan


by Ling Cao

JD Industrial Technology and Delixi Electric, a Zhejiang-based electric company, have unveiled a Hope Primary School in Yunnan province last Friday. The school was donated and built by the two companies together, in order to provide underprivileged kids with a better education environment.

The Hope Primary School co-donated by JD and Delixi Electric

JD also donated other supplies such as computers to the school. During the opening ceremony, volunteers trained students on how to use electricity safely.

JD donates the computers to the school at the ceremony

Tong Zhu, General manager of marketing and sales at Delixi Electric said, “School is a place for nurturing talent, and kids should be studying in a comfortable environment. Delixi will devote itself in the charity programs, and work with partners to give more attention to underprivileged kids in this region.”

Zhixiang Sun, vice president of said, “JD has focused on social responsibility since its launch, with education as one of the key priorities. We hope to leverage JD’s ability to help improve the education industry.”

Last year Delixi Electric signed a cooperation agreement with JD Industrial Technology with a focus on industrial products. The new initiative will strengthen the partnership in more regions.