Feb 21, 2020|

JD’s AI Vending Machines Provide 24/7 “Unmanned” Access to Fresh Produce


by Ling Cao and Tracy Yang


JD is providing unique AI vending machines to a residential compound in Beijing’s Tongzhou district, offering residents 24/7 access to fresh fruit, vegetables and more sourced from JD’s 7FRESH supermarket nearby. The company has provided five such machines in the compound to date.

The AI vending machines are developed by JD-X, JD’s logistics innovation lab. Customers can select products displayed on the transparent door of the machine and use mobile phones to scan a QR code. The door will open once scanned, and payment will be processed automatically after customers select their produce and close the door. The entire process is convenient, requiring no human-to-human contact.

7FRESH employees regularly clean and disinfect the machine, monitor the quality and quantity of the produce, and make sure the supply is both sufficient and fresh. With the AI-powered machine, JD places the “Mobile Fresh Basket” nearest its customers, making the shopping experience smarter, easier and safer.

One customer at the compound said, “My family is relying on the machine for a constant supply of fresh produce these days, and it’s really a good way to reduce unnecessary contact. The food is fresh, and even the price is consistent with what you brought at 7FRESH.”

JD’s AI vending machines are being rolled out to other cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, with increasing demand for unmanned shopping experiences during the epidemic period.


(ling.cao@jd.com; tracy.yang@jd.com )