Sep 24, 2020|

JD’s Buyers Ensure Consumers Enjoy Quality Mooncakes in Mid-Autumn Festival, One Gains 20lbs by Trial Tasting


by Rachel Liu

Mooncakes are essential snacks for Chinese consumers during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional festival for family reunion. However, the mooncake-making industry in China is not standardized. For example, some bakery and confectionary choose nearly expired flour to make mooncakes, or use artificial ingredients to replace high-quality ones. JD’s buyers ensure that consumers can buy high-quality mooncakes on JD with peace of mind.

“Although the government has very high standards about the quality and proportion of mooncake ingredients, many factories are still finding opportunities to lower the cost by using low-quality ingredients,” said Shuai Feng, one of the mooncake buyers from JD.  “Hygiene is also a big issue for the industry. Our job is to select high quality and tasty mooncakes for our customers.” Feng and other buyers personally taste the mooncakes to ensure quality, and some of them gained over 10kg in a single month as a result.

Half a year before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Feng and his colleagues started to visit the mooncake brands to identify reliable sources for the mooncakes on JD. Before selling on JD, each brand needs to meet a complete set of criteria. JD’s quality control department will also strictly inspect the production process to ensure the quality of each mooncake.

In its commitment to ultimate satisfaction, JD allows its customers to return the mooncakes that they are not satisfied. The returned products will not be sold to another customer, even if they don’t look like they have been tampered with.

Sales of mooncakes on JD have surged in the last few months. From July 21st to September 16th, sales of the Forbidden City themed mooncake gift box developed through JD’s Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) initiative increased 143% YOY, and became the most popular mooncake gift box on JD. The Starbucks mooncake box also saw sales increase among young customers. “Customers not only care about the quality of mooncakes, but also the taste. We need to follow the trends closely and provide the most popular mooncakes to consumers,” said Feng.

To develop new products, the mooncake buyers spent a lot of time analyzing customer profiles and market trends. For example, sugar-free mooncakes, particularly suitable for people with diabetes and people on diet, received great popularity once launched. Feng also found that with the consumption upgrade, customers are not just looking for cheap products. Expensive, high-end mooncakes are chosen by more and more customers on JD.