Dec 18, 2020|

JD’s Tang: Customers Constant Changing Demands Drive Industry Revolution


by Rachel Liu

As the partner for Red Top Award, the leading award in China’s home appliance industry, JD joined a ceremony on Dec. 16 revealing this year’s winners, including BOSCH washing machine, Casarte refrigerator and Galanz air fryer, which are sold on

Shuai Tang, general manager of marketing and operations at JD Home Appliance joined the summit discussion and revealed the consumer trends of the industry based on JD’s data.

According to Tang, the key that drives the revolution of the industry is the constantly changing demands of customers, which are becoming more unique, especially in different scenarios. This is the motivation for brands to expand into high-value, premium products and more niche markets. JD is leveraging its bid data and customer operation capabilities to provide more suggestions to manufacturers and help them with product upgrades.

This year, JD launched a special section to promote the award-winning products, as well as a livestream show to provide a detailed introduction for customers.

During the past Singles Day, many niche and innovative products received great sales performance on JD. For example, sales of laser TVs, TVs with touch screens and OLED TVs increased 4.5 times YOY. High volume built-in dishwashers saw sales increase over 4.5 times. JD’s C2M (consumer-to manufacturer) home appliance products also saw sales increase . Sales of water heaters that can monitor water quality increased 130% YOY. Robotic vacuums that can automatically collect trash from Viomi, and a LG washing machine that can automatically adjust performance based on the amount of clothes both saw sales increase rapidly.

Behind the hot-selling products is JD’s accurate insights into its target customers. Through big data brands can recognize customers’ pain points and market trends, and make innovations in research and development of products; then they can recommend the right products to the right customers. JD’s digital smart supply chain has become the motive and foundation for the home appliance industry to improve their products.