Dec 18, 2020|

Christofle Joins to Provide High-end Silverware


by Hui Zhang

Christofle, the world’s leading brand for silver cutlery and silver accessories, joined on Dec. 17, making JD the first e-commerce platform in China to partner with Christofle to open its official flagship store.

The Christofle store on JD provides the brand’s new products and classic, best-selling items covering the collections of MOOD, Jardin d’Eden, Malmaison, Oh, Albi, Vertigo, and others. Various categories of products including dining, barware, home decoration, children, jewelry and personal accessories are available on JD.

JD, which is well-known as a guarantee of authenticity and high-quality products, has a large consumer base of loyal, high-income consumers with strong consumption power, which echoes Christofle’s consumer demographic. JD’s technology strengths and big data capabilities enable it to provide user engagement tools for brands to help them reach out to their targeted consumers more precisely within JD’s 441 million active consumers’ pool.

“Christofle has been a household name for ‘Arts on Table’ for more than 150 years,” said Kevin Jiang, president of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle. “The opening of Christofle’s flagship store will bring JD consumers a variety of high-end choices for cutlery, and JD will assist Christofle to better penetrate the Chinese market.”

The eclectic Christofle cutlery collection is crowned with refined silver accessories and silver jewelry by famous designers. Over the years, Christofle has furnished many royal houses, well-known institutions and luxury hotels with its silver cutlery and accessories. These have included the Orient Express, Napoleon III’s table, the Elysée Palace as well as many sultans’ palaces and aristocratic homes around the world.