May 17, 2021|

JDT Representative on National TV: Integrate AI to Develop Smart Chatbot for Datong


by Ling Cao

“We need to consider how to combine different AI technologies, such as speech and emotion recognition, as well as semantic understanding together (into the smart customer service chatbot), as to understand residents’ needs and help us better analyze and assign demands of different departments,” said Dr. Xiaodong He, vice president of and the deputy managing director of JD AI Research with Chinese National TV, in an interview broadcasted on May 16th.

The program also reported that since 2020, Datong, Shanxi province has upgraded its municipal service hotline with JD’s smart chatbot and related solutions, which largely improved satisfaction and experience among local residents.

The hotline now handles an average of over 5,200 calls a day and over 7,000 at peak time, compared with fewer than 4,000 calls previously, meaning residents basically don’t need to wait for their calls to be answered.

With the ability to detect the subtlest human emotions and respond appropriately, JD’s chatbot lifesaving program was also selected an AI Application Example by the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (CCAC) of China, for its role in creating value for society.