Sep 14, 2020|

Jingxi Announces Cooperation with Six Industrial Belts


by Vivian Yang

JD’s social e-commerce platform Jingxi announced cooperation with six industrial belts in China. They include Nan’an, a home decoration product manufacturing cluster in Fujian province; Qing’an, a rice production area in Heilongjiang province; Shantou, both a beauty products manufacturing cluster and an underwear products manufacturing cluster in Guangdong province; Dongyang, a general merchandise and apparel manufacturing cluster in Zhejiang province; and Cixi, a footwear manufacturing cluster in Zhejiang province.

Nan’an’s home decoration products manufacturing cluster was the first among this wave of JD’s partnerships with industrial belts to ink an agreement with Jingxi on September 11th. Under the agreement, the two parties will not only collaborate on the promotion of local home decoration products, but also eye a full supply chain cooperation and digital upgrading of the home decoration sector by connecting with other industrial belts in Quanzhou city, the upper administrative city of Nan’an county, including the industrial belts for cloth art, iron art and furniture, machinery and equipment, building materials and more.

Jingxi launched an initiative this June to support China’s industrial belts whose exports are impacted by the novel coronavirus and promote their sales in the domestic market. It is estimated that JD has invested over RMB 2 billion yuan in this initiative. Jingxi has provided supportive measures for merchants covering sales channels, marketing, financing, logistics and more.

Since its launch on September 19th last year, Jingxi has covered over 180 industrial belts across China. This year it has reached its “two 100s goal”, which focuses on the creation of 100 industrial belts and 100 original production areas.

Looking ahead, Jingxi aims to provide support to over one million selected factories and farms from 1,000 industrial belts and original production zones in China, helping them to conduct 10,000 livestreaming sessions on site at the production areas and supporting them to produce more Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) products.

JD Retail CEO Lei Xu mentioned during JD’s Q2 earnings call that the company will step up efforts in the second half of the year to expand in the lower-tier markets and to cooperate with more industrial belts in terms of providing them with digital capabilities and supporting the R&D of direct-from-factory products.