Sep 14, 2020|

22 Million Viewers Tune into JD and Kuaishou’s Livestream


by Ling Cao

Twenty-two million people watched a special livestream event about household necessities hosted by and Chinese video-sharing platform Kuaishou from September 9th to 10th. Among the high-selling products during the event were 30,000 orders of napkins from the popular brand Breeze; 20,000 orders of Liby’s tea seed detergent; and 20,000 orders of Gongguan-based brand Huamei’s mooncake sets.

Joined by over 10 celebrities and Kuaishou anchors including Yaoqing Wang, Lusi Zhao, and livestream anchors such as Xuanzhuo Li, the event was the sequel to an earlier livestream partnership event hosted by JD and Kuaishou in June. In the earlier event, both parties focused on providing discounts for middle- and high-end products such as cellphones, computers, digital products and cosmetics.

This time, the two parties focused on daily products including wine and beverages, oil, rice and snacks—offering deep discounts and surprise “red packets”. One lucky shopper received a red packet of RMB 19,999 yuan, and 199 others received cash packets worth RMB 899 yuan each.

The livestream was hosted on Kuaishou Xiaodian’s official account, which has 70 million fans dubbed “little shops”, as well as JD Super’s Kuaishou official account. The timing of the event lined up with JD’s super flash day sales promotion on September 9th.