Feb 2, 2021|

Jingxi Unveils New Consumption Trends during CNY


by Ling Cao

Jingxi, JD’s social commerce platform, unveiled new consumption trends during the ongoing Chinese New Year (CNY) Grand Promotion. Data showed that orders from college students increased 373% during Jan. 13 to 31, and unlike in previous years when they mostly purchased snacks and apparel, this year they made more orders of masks, condiments, eggs and rice.

Due to the epidemic, many primary and middle schools have gone on holiday earlier than usual. Data showed that sales of textbooks increased 91% YOY. The top five provinces by sales are Guangdong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hunan and Jiangsu.

During the Grand Promotion, remote orders have also surged. Customers in Heilongjiang and Hebei provinces received the most remote orders, with a growth of over 300% YOY. These provinces are also among the greatly affected areas by the epidemic.

Jingxi has also provided a variety of benefits for customers, including a flash sale of RMB 1 yuan, movie coupons for free and other subsidies and discounts. The platform has also arranged livestreams with celebrities to attract customers, guaranteeing them a better CNY shopping experience.

A representative at Jingxi said, “Jingxi will continue to operate during CNY, and the Grand Promotion will continue until the end of the New Year festival, providing more Jingxi (homophonic with ‘pleasantly surprised’ in Chinese pinyin) for customers.”