May 24, 2021|

Kimberly Clark Awarded Sustainability Partner by JD


by Ella Kidron

American multinational personal care brand Kimberly Clark was awarded as one of JD’s Top 10 sustainability partners at a 618 Grand Promotion (Jun. 1-18) kickoff conference held on May 20. In recent years, JD and Kimberly Clark have collaborated in products, supply chain and omnichannel, among other areas, promoting many productions which have been well-received by consumers in China.

Customer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) has been an important area of focus for both companies. Last year during 618, Kimberly Clark released its “Love the Planet” (爱地球) product series, which has a photo of an endangered animal on the packaging. Three disinfectant and personal hygiene products developed based on insights from JD and R&D tech from Kimberly Clark became blockbusters once being put on sale. JD Super has also adopted an omni-channel model with Kimberly Clark, connecting JD’s app with the brand’s offline stores, as well as baby and maternal stores, convenience stores, and other brick-and-mortar shops, realizing more speed and precision in the shopping and logistics processes.

Huggies, the maternal and baby products brand under Kimberly Clark is also an important partner of JD. A signature cooperation with the Huggies involved working with the brand to develop a paper diaper (disposable diaper typically made of paper and plastic) with enhanced aeration and softness that hug to the waist, making it more comfortable and convenient for babies to move about. Sales of the new product accounted for more than 70% of the brands sales on JD the day it went on sale. Huggies has already become a top diaper brand on JD.

JD and Kimberly Clark have jointly called on the public to care for the planet and wildlife and to embrace sustainable development. Ms. Bei Wu, general manager of Kimberly Clark’s business division in China, said: “Every species has their reason for existence and is an indispensable part of the ecological chain.”

During this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, JD and Kimberly Clark will take advantage of accumulated gains from the two parties’ long term partnership, and continue to focus on product, supply chain, marketing and omni-channel.

Meina Chen, sales manager of diapers and wet wipes in JD FMCG’s maternal and baby products department said: “Kimberly Clark is an invaluable part of the JD Family. Working with the brand, we have been able to provide consumers with new products and services, making their lives more sustainable and convenient.”