Oct 26, 2022|

Lightning-Fast Refunds and More: JD Upgrades Customer Services


by Yiming Yan

As JD.com kicks off its 2022 Singles Day Grand Promotion with the theme of “A More Solid Life,” customers will enjoy exemplary services as JD’s full link service inputs have increased by more than 50 percent annually.

“The JD 2022 Singles Day Grand Promotion will bring more comprehensive, and warm service for customers,” said Chen Lin, vice president of JD.com and head of platform business for JD Retail.

To address the problem of price fluctuations during the long period of the promotion, JD is offering a 30-day price guarantee policy that covers over 500 million items, also applicable to goods purchased with coupons.

JD has also introduced a number of worry-free return options in the after-sales sector. Home appliances, mobile phones, baby products, and other items are covered by the “180-day exchange without repair” policy, and lightning-fast refunds can return money in as little as one second.

JD has also introduced tailored services for different consumer demographics. For instance, “Elders Exclusive Customer Service” updates seven services specifically for the senior population. To provide pet owners with a full variety of pet-raising services, JD has also launched the website “Pet Adviser.” Parents who purchase diapers from JD can benefit from a 90-day unconditional return or change policy to make sure their baby is healthy and comfortable.

JD will also safeguard customers’ logistic experience throughout this Singles Day Grand Promotion. Consumers in more than 200 cities can enjoy fast logistics experience, with purchases delivered within hours.

Additionally, JD Logistics has unveiled a “full insurance” service that enables consumers to receive a full refund in the event that there are issues with the delivery. To ensure logistics effectiveness, the Phase II Project of JD’s Asia No. 1 Logistics Park also started operating a few days before the Singles Day Grand Promotion.

Service has long been one of JD’s key competitive advantages in addition to cost-effective authority goods, and with more than 50 percent yearly growth in inputs for full link services, JD has elevated the service to a first-class level during this Singles Day Grand Promotion.