Oct 10, 2020|

Liquor Sales on JD Soar during National Day Holiday


by Rachel Liu

JD data shows that during the National Day holiday(October 1st -8th ), sales of liquor, including Chinese baijiu, wine and beer all saw rapid increases, and many brands even saw three-digit sales increases. Behind the rise is the popularity of giving alcohol as gifts.

Baijiu has long been a popular go-to gift during holidays in China. Sales of baijiu gift boxes on JD increased five times YOY during the Golden Week. Sales of French wine Lafite increased 100% YOY while sales of craft beer and fruity beer, which is highly popular with female consumers, were the leaders in terms of growth in the beer category increasing 120% and 300% respectively.

Sake and whiskey led the sales increase in the liquor category. Sales of whiskey increased 100% YOY and sales of Hennessy increased 150% YOY. According to JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, young customers are the main driving force for the sales increase of imported liquor during the holiday period. Updated services like one-hour delivery and rebates provided by JD Super also served to further enhance the customer experience.

In addition to liquor, travel-related products and children’s products also saw strong performance. Sales of instant rice increased 250% YOY, and beverages increased over 130% YOY. STEAM toys (curriculum-based products to help prepare children for the study of sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) increased 30% YOY and musical instruments for children increased 280% YOY.