May 21, 2021|

Livestreaming, Short Videos, and Graphics to Further Boost 618


by Hui Zhang announced it will focus on livestreaming, short videos, graphics and tests to enrich its content marketing for the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion at a kick-off event on May 20 in Beijing. will invite more than 300 celebrities, and executives from nearly 600 brand partners to participate in various promotions through livestreaming during the promotion. The company will also create social media hastags in accordance with latest public trends, and invite KOLs and celebrities to create short videos to assist promotion. More than 1,000 professional buyers or KOLs from different categories will be invited to share their favorite products to bring more traffic to

JD will hold two galas through livestreaming inviting celebrities to bring consumers the festive atmosphere of 618. Meanwhile, JD Live, the company’s livestream platform, will select high-quality products from 100 industrial belts to bring local high-quality products to JD’s consumers. Leveraging JD and WeChat’s strength, JD will offer livestreaming through 10 WeChat accounts.

The company will also create over 100 social media hashtags, and invite over 100 KOLs and over 100 stars to create promotional short videos to assist consumers in decisions-making.

JD will invite more than 1,000 professional buyers or KOLs to recommend products to consumers through pictures and product sampling. In addition, JD will also cultivate more than 1,000 KOLs from ordinal content-creators through various of motivation solutions.

“Livestreaming is like trees, short videos are like the jungle, and graphics are like the grassland. JD is coordinating the three aspects of content to effectively recommend more high-quality content to consumers thus to assist them to make shopping decisions,” said Guowei Zhang, head of JD Content Ecosystem Department.

“Various content can also provide an immersive shopping experience to consumers while allowing them watch, buy and play at the same time.”