May 21, 2021|

JD Cloud Provides Resources for Enterprises during 618


by Ling Cao

JD Cloud (JDC) will provide resources for enterprises during the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion. Announced on May 20, the sales promotion will cover May 21 to June 30, helping over 200,000 SMEs use cloud-based services.

The sales promotion will cover a wide range of services in cloud computing, including cloud-based hosting, database, storage, hard disk and security related products, as well as smart chatbot, SaaS service, enterprise finance and other smart devices. JDC will provide discounts and benefits for enterprises using JD’s cloud services.

Liqiang Gao, vice president of and president of JDC said, “JDC will continue to support SMEs to achieve digital transformation based on its capabilities of the best industry know-how, contributing to efforts for China’s digital economic growth.”

Lacheer, a domestic brand focusing on imported milk, is one of JD’s important partners. JDC used its RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services to help set 51 automatic processes for the brand during this year’s 618, with an aim to help them improve their operation efficiency by five times.

E-commerce is a key sales channel for Lacheer, which manages 10 online channels. Before working with JDC, the brand needed to manually look into relevant operation data across different platforms and to analyze that information individually. JDC’s RPA system can solve the problem by integrating all the platform data and conducting analysis directly, helping improve efficiency and lower the error rate. The system can view sales performance, traffic flow, marketing performance and even customers’ comments, cover all the key operation information.

Using the system, JDC also helped Lacheer integrate data from different departments, covering supply chain, finance, human resources and customer services, achieving  central management and storage for data asset. Based on AI, JD can then make further analysis according to demand.

Since the brand’s milk source is from Europe, the system can also help Lacheer solve challenges in transportation, matching the shipping information with precise arrival time, ensuring a smooth supply chain process.

A representative from Lacheer shared, “JDC has largely improved our working efficiency as well as customer experience, releasing the workforce to do higher-value work, such as decision-making and innovation, helping us enhance our products’ core differentiations in the industry. JDC also used two systems to help record our data in order to ensure high reliability.”

As one of the most thoroughly containerized cloud platforms in the world, JDC has the largest Docker and Kubernetes clusters in the world, which are able to support the successful completion of the company’s massive 618 Grand Promotion and Singles Day (Nov. 11) Grand Promotion. A recent Gartner data report unveiled that on the 2020 IaaS (infrastructure as a service) market, JDC is ranked fifth in China and is among the top 10 cloud providers globally in this field.