Jan 29, 2021|

Movie Director Chuan Lu Produces Mini-Movie for JD ahead of Chinese New Year


by Rachel Liu

Chinese movie director Chuan Lu produced a mini-movie for JD ahead of Chinese New Year to promote the mobile phone service package provided by JD Mobile. Lu joined a sharing session at JD’s Beijing headquarters on Jan. 28 talking about the story behind this production.

Lu is famous for his movie works including Hoh Xil, The Missing Gun and City of Life and Death. He won Best Film Director at the Fourth Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in 2010. The mini-movie he produced for JD, named The Longest Chess Game, is based on a real-life story about two train station agents who remained on duty during one Chinese New Year holiday.

The tier-5 train station, which is the smallest station in China’s railway system, had only two agents, and they needed to work in turn every 12 hours. To ease the young agent’s homesickness, the older encouraged him to play chess. Due to their work schedule, they could only make one move every 12 hours when they returned from duty, and the game ultimately helped them find pleasure and comfort in the isolated place.

The mini-movie has a special resonance in China, where hundreds of thousands of hard working station agents, engine drives, couriers, medical workers and more people remain on duty during Chinese New Year each year so that other Chinese people can enjoy a happy, safe and convenient festival.

JD Mobile would also like to provide peace of mind for customers shopping through its comprehensive service package.

During the sharing session, which was widely welcomed by JD employees, Lu talked about his idea for producing this movie: “This story is about the ordinary people’s insistence behind our daily lives. I hope that through this story, the audience can also feel the same spirit of JD’s consistent services, which aim to provide customers the best shopping experience. I also wish to pay my tribute to the people who have sacrificed their own time and efforts to make other people’s lives happier.” Lu also share his experience of making films for different international enterprises, and answered questions from JD’s employees.

JD’s mobile phone service package includes five services: 30-day return, one-hour delivery, free trial for 7 days, trade-in and “30365” service. The “30365” service means that customers can get a full refund if their phones have hardware problems within 30 days after the orders were made, or get a brand new product if there are problems within 365 days. When the service was launched last August, orders of mobile trade-in services on JD increased over 50% compared with the week prior to the launch.