Aug 4, 2020|

Nearly 1,000 Class 2021 Graduates Received JD Offer


by Ling Cao

There are nearly 1,000 students majoring in technology in the class of 2021 received an offer from JD. In its commitment to talent recruitment and development, JD has launched a program to recruit R&D talent prior to graduation.

Data shows that JD has allocated in RMB 17.9 billion yuan in R&D, an increase of 47.8% y-o-y. JD currently has over 18,000 R&D personnel, among which 80% hold master’s or above degrees. In addition, several scientists have been selected as IEEE fellows. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization.

Dr. Yuansheng Lin is the first one who joined JD’s postdoctoral program, which has been jointly set up by JD and Tsinghua University. He joined the program in May 2018, two months after it launched.

JD’s software architect Yuanqing Wu and Professor Qianchuan Zhao ofTsinghua University will be his mentors. Under the program, Lin has been doing research for JD’s intelligent risk cognition. “I have once again experienced how huge JD’s data and business, and the resources and advantages behind the scenes. I can find what I need easily, and the team is collaborative and creative, open and inclusive.”

He added, “There are a lot of things to do. My knowledge has been applied to JD’s real scenarios, brining value to the technology.” Shortly after he joined, Lin has created an algorithm which can quickly identify illegal accounts, protecting customers, clients, and JD’s information security.

JD has created free environment, personalized training mechanism and promotion resources for employees who were freshly out of college.

JD has a long-time commitment to employment and talent recruitment. During COVID-19, JD has provided 35,000 jobs by partnering with Dada Group.  JD’s customer service team has recruited over 1,000 part-time workers, 75% of which were unable to do their previous work at that time. In addition, JD customer service team recruited nearly 2,000 graduates in first half of the year.