Aug 3, 2020|

Italian Luxury Menswear Brand Zegna Joins JD


by Rachel Liu

On August 3rd, Italian luxury menswear brand Zegna opened a first-party store on JD, bringing its F/W 2020 new products and classic collections to China’s elite male consumers.

In the Zegna store on JD, customers are able to shop for the brands’ iconic collections selected by JD buyers based on Chinese customers’ tastes and preferences, such as the Ermenegildo Zegna Modern Tailoring suit and PELLETESSUTA™ Special 30 bag. Zegna’s popular shoes and belts are also available through the store.

Italian luxury menswear brand Zegna opened a first-party store on JD

According to the 2019 China Luxury Ecommerce Report released by Yaok Group, over 50% of male customers prefer to buy luxury products on JD as they trust the platform more and enjoy JD’s logistics service. The trust of high-end male customers is one of the main reasons for Zegna to work with JD. All products in the Zegna store on JD are directly provided by authorized channels of the brand, and customers can enjoy JD’s premium JD Luxury Express service. Around 200 luxury brands have opened flagship stores on JD.

Zegna was founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna in the Northern Italian town of Trivero. The brand started by producing wool fabrics, then moved into ready-made clothes. Zegna’s premium quality, classic design and elegant style has made it popular among male customers globally.