Dec 4, 2020|

Nongfu Spring Chooses JD to Launch Its 17.5° Oranges


by Hui Zhang

Nongfu Spring announced the harvest of its agricultural brand Nongfu Spring 17.5° oranges on November 25th, and chose JD as the first ecommerce platform in China to sell the oranges.

The newly harvested oranges will be packed into gift boxes of two different sizes: 5kg and 7.5kg, in accordance with JD’s big data and consumers’ feedback reflecting the two weights most welcomed by a family for gifting or to eat.

Since 2017, JD has been facilitating Nongfu Spring’s fresh fruit category to carry out omni-channel cooperation and co-develop new products every year. Many of the co-developed Nongfu Spring fresh fruits were exclusively launched on JD.

As a result, sales of the fresh fruit category of Nongfu Spring on JD have exceeded 100 million yuan, with average annual sales and user growth of more than 110% since 2017. Product categories have been extended from oranges, to apples, dried apricots, pomegranates and others.

“Our cooperation with Nongfu Spring helps enrich our fresh fruit categories, and now brings our consumers a new choice for high-quality oranges. Meanwhile, JD’s strong supply chain capabilities and efficient delivery services can minimize products’ damage,” said a merchandizing manager of JD.