Dec 7, 2020|

JD’s Tech Chair Receives Top AI Award


by Ling Cao

Dr. Bowen Zhou, Chair of JD Technology Committee, has received a Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award, regarded as the highest award for intelligence science & technology in China. Announced on December 3rd, Zhou was honored for outstanding contributions, along with Tianzai Jiang from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Licheng Jiao from Xidian University.

Dr. Bowen Zhou has long devoted himself to finding ways to utilize technology in real business applications. At JD he leads cloud computing, AI, Internet of Things and other technology developments. At the latest JD Discovery, JD’s annual tech event, he shared, “What we are most certain of is that the industrial transformation will be promoted through emerging technologies, such as AI and cloud computing.” He also predicted that by 2030, all companies worldwide will have been transformed into technology companies.

The Wu Wenjun AI Science & Technology Award is named after Wu Wenjun(1919-2017), an outstanding mathematician and pioneer in AI. The award was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and organized by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. The award aims to reward those who have made breakthroughs in intelligence science.