Aug 17, 2020|

Orders of JD’s Mobile Phone Trade-in Service Increased 50% Within One Week


by Rachel Liu

On August 5th, JD launched an updated service package for mobile phone buyers. It includes five services: 30-day return, one-hour delivery, free-trial, trade-in and “30365” service. The package is provided in advance of the upcoming JD Mobile Phone Festival on August 18th. One week after the launch, orders of mobile trade-in services on JD increased over 50% compared with before.

The 30-day return service means that customers can return a mobile phone within 30 days of ordering as long as the phone has not been damaged. The one-hour delivery is a service that JD provides with JDDJ (JD Daojia), China’s leading local on-demand retail platform. JD customers can shop for products through JDDJ, and the brick and mortar stores will deliver the products to customers in as fast as in one hour. The “free-trial” service allows customers to try products for seven days and return them if they are not satisfied. The “trade-in” service enables customers to trade-in their old phones and deduct the trade-in price from the cost of new phone. The “30365” service ensures customers get a full refund if their phones have hardware problems within 30 days after the orders are made or get a brand new product if there are problems within the first year. More and more brands and products are joining the service project to provide a better shopping experience to JD customers.

On JD’s Super Honor Day on August 6th, over 150,000 customers enjoyed service products on JD, saving over RMB 4 million yuan. In JD’s vivo flagship store, vivo S7 which joined the service program, received 97% positive reviews. Some of the customers’ comments on mobile phones say that things along the lines of, “I received the product within one hour”; “I made two purchases and they both arrived very fast”.

With the online mobile phone market becoming more mature, competitive price is not the only factor affecting customers’ choices. It’s especially important to provide exceptional customer service to increase customers’ loyalty to e-commerce platforms.