Oct 12, 2022|

Outdoor Gear Sales Soar on JDDJ over the China National Day Holiday


by Yiming Yan

According to data from the on-demand retail platforms of JD Daojia (JDDJ) and Shop Now, travel equipment and household goods ushered in a  remarkable increase in sales during China’s National Day holiday (October 1 to October 7).

Also known as Golden Week, the National Day holiday generates significant revenue for most tourism-related businesses. According to reports, long-distance travel may be impossible for many people due to COVID-19 cases, resulting in the popularity of more relatively nearby destinations over the holiday. The newest travel trends contributed significantly to the increase in sales of camping gear and travel necessities.


JD’s data show that the sales of camping equipment such as fishing chairs, sleeping bags and hammocks increased by more than 10 times compared with the same period last year. Sales of sportswear climbed by more than 8 times year over year (YOY), and sales of tents increased by more than 6 times YOY. Travel accessories, outdoor shoes and clothes, binoculars, cameras, and other travel-related products also saw increases of more than 10 times YOY. Additionally, sales of tripods and portable power stations grew by 200% YoY.

Pets also accompanied their owners in traveling. Data uncovered that travel gear for cats and dogs such as leashes increased by more than 10 times YOY, while pet clothing and pet medical supplies increased by more than 5 times YOY.

This year’s National Day holiday also coincided with the Double-Ninth Festival(Chinese lunar calendar September 9, which falls on October 4 this year), which increased the need for gifts. Compared to the same period last year, gift box sales jumped more than ten times.

In response to the government advocacy, walk-and-go camping has become the first choice of many people during this holiday this year. Shop Now’s service of accepting online orders and delivering merchandise within an hour is very popular due to its convenience when shopping for travel-related necessities.