Apr 10, 2020|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (April 6-10)


Residents across Beijing now are able to receive delivery service at Lianjia (链家)locations through JD Logistics. The partnership enables customers who place orders on JD.com to choose a Lianjia offline store as a pickup location.


On April 9th, JD Logistics provided a smart and integrated supply chain solution to ensure orders for Xiaomi’s 10-year anniversary sales promotion. In addition to JD’s couriers, JD’s autonomous delivery robot will also deliver Xiaomi products in Wuhan.


A JD courier delivering parcels in Wuhan earlier this week. On April 8th, Wuhan ended the 76 days of lockdown.


On April 8th, a BBC report on Wuhan lifting its lockdown highlighted the personal experience and perspective of Jia Shengzhi, head courier at JD’s Huangpu delivery station in Wuhan, who had continued to deliver during the lockdown. BBC says “delivery drivers became a vital lifeline” during the city’s lockdown. Read the full BBC report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-52197054


Haishan Zhao, the Lieutenant Governor of Hubei province, visited JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Wuhan. During the epidemic, the park supported people’s daily needs and helped local fresh produce go nationwide. Zhao said that JD.com took the initiative to play a leading role in fighting the coronavirus and ensuring the supply of daily necessities, and fully fulfilled its social responsibility.