Apr 13, 2020|

JD Hosts Cloud Native Computing Foundation Webinar on ChubaoFS


by Ella Kidron

On April 9th, JD.com hosted a webinar for leading open source software foundation, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to discuss its cloud-native storage platform – ChubaoFS, which was accepted as a “Sandbox” project of CNCF in January. “Sandbox” is the entry point for early stage projects aimed at increasing public visibility of work that can add value to the CNCF’s mission.

The contribution of ChubaoFS to the CNCF aligns closely with JD’s overall mission to widely disseminate its technology for broader use as the company continues to push into open source.

JD’s decision to launch its own storage platform was driven by the fact that the solutions available in the market were not able to meet its needs without heavy investments. JD runs one of the largest Kubernetes clusters to date (Kubernetes is a hallmark project of the CNCF which helps prevent downtime in a complicated production environment, among other benefits). ChubaoFS is designed to accommodate various production scenarios on Kubernetes clusters with performance and scalability in mind.

JD is a long-time partner of the CNCF, and a previous recipient of the Foundation’s Top End User Award. The company adopts a number of CNCF projects such as Kubernetes, Vitess, Prometheus, Helm, and Harbor on its extremely large scale container platforms to handle a massive volume of complex transactional data.

Shuoran Liu, one of the main contributors and architects of the ChubaoFS project, explained during the webinar, “We came up with new ideas and innovative thinking to deal with these challenges, and then thought about how to implement them in a real production environment,” he said.

Challenges for cloud native storage, as explained by Shuoran Liu

First launched in 2017, ChubaoFS is a high-performance, highly scalable and durable storage platform for cloud native applications. It has been used to support more than 2000 applications and services on JD’s Kubernetes container platform. With key features including scalable metadata management, optimized data storage, strong replication consistency, as well as POSIX-compliant and S3-compatible interfaces, ChubaoFS prides itself on being easy to use, deploy and maintain, and is application-centric across a wide range of business scenarios.

Typical ChubaoFS cluster deployment

The full webinar can be replayed here: https://www.cncf.io/webinars/new-thoughts-on-distributed-file-system-in-the-cloud-native-era/

ChubaoFS is available on Github: github.com/chubaofs