Dec 10, 2020|

Photographers Honored by JD, So Were 13 Brands


by Kelly Dawson

The results of the 4th JD Photography Awards have been announced in Beijing, with a photograph titled “Collecting the Blue of the World” by photographer Jiang Kaiwen taking the top prize for best photograph. Additionally, 13 brands including Canon, Sony, Olympus and Leica won JD Best Partner Awards.

Organized by, the competition received more than 130,000 entries, which were solicited through JD’s main website, Weibo and Chinese photography platforms. Submissions were divided into three categories: scenery, city, and people. Additionally, a separate category accepted short videos. Online exposure for the competition reached 450 million impressions, with online interactions exceeding 35,000.

Jiang Kaiwen, who took the winning photograph, “Collecting the Blue of the World”, a magnificent photo of an aurora borealis, attended the event to receive the award. Judges selected the photograph as a result of its unique perspective, and powerful visual impact.

“The JD Photography Awards are open to all people to participate in, with an aim to encourage JD shoppers and others to push themselves to produce excellent work, and gather a large amount of high-quality content that shows contestants their own value,” said Tao Ren, General Manager of Computer and Digital Products at JD Retail, in a speech during the awards ceremony, which was held at JD headquarters. JD has been committed to creating value for both manufacturer partners and consumers, and the competition is a way to connect the two, Ren said.

“It’s a win-win for both consumers and the growth of our brand,” he added.

The awards ceremony was attended by renowned photographers who helped judge the competition, including documentary photographer Zhao Kang, portrait photographer Shen Siyuan, Weibo chief photo editor Yang Weidan, and others. Also in attendance were representatives from more than ten global top image brands including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji and more.

Since the official launch of JD’s photography strategic cooperation alliance in 2019, many photography brands have achieved significant growth on JD’s ecommerce platform. According to JD’s data during a JD Light and Camera Festival held in September of this year, the transaction volume for the photography equipment category exceeded RMB 10 million yuan in 2 minutes; and the transaction volume for the whole day increased by 577% YOY. Additionally, on the first day of the Singles Day Grand Promotion, the sales volume of the full-frame camera category increased by 6 times compared with the same period last year.

In addition to its role as a platform for photography brands to reach consumers, JD is also beginning to offer full-link product solutions for the industry via C2M initiatives.

“Facing the need for brand new product concept verification, has established a new product simulation test platform,” a spokesperson for JD’s Computer and Digital Products said. “Based on JD’s quality users, the platform gathers information regarding new product research and testing needs, offline users experience with the products, multiple test methods, and reclaims real user feedback. In this way we’re able to form diversified new product solutions regarding pricing, design and more. Our goal is to build a trustworthy brand that offers a cultural service to consumers.”