May 12, 2022|

Prestigious British Porcelain Brand Boards on


by Xiaoqian Han joined hands with leading British porcelain brand WEDGWOOD on May 10th to roll out a variety of popular tableware and cups of different styles on the flagship store, including side dishes, tea plates, porcelain bowls, and home decorations, offering an elegant dining experience for users.

WEDGWOOD is a prestigious luxury cutlery brand with a British heritage. Every piece of WEDGWOOD’s collection has been made entirely with delicate skills unchanged for 263 years since its founding in 1759, and it is also a certified brand by the British royal family. On the JD WEDGWOOD flagship store, classic cups and dinnerware, such as the Renaissance Gold collection, Byzance collection, and Vera Wang collections, are available for consumers.

the dinnerware set of Byzance

The Byzance dinnerware set, in particular, inspired by Byzantine architecture dating back to 300BC, combines geometric drawings and is derived from rich and striking color schemes of sapphires and rubies, and gold edges adorned with 22K gold. The full range of items is the best embodiment of luxurious dining and perfectly reflects a sense of elegance.

In addition to WEDGWOOD, JD Home also brings many domestic and foreign high-end kitchenware brands such as Corning, Le Creuset, STAUB, JOYYE, and others, to meet the demand for a high-quality, refined lifestyle among JD consumers.