May 10, 2022|

JD Pharmacy Establishes Women’s Health Care Center to Offer Personalized Support


by Vivian Yang

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 8th, JD Pharmacy launched a special portal offering online-to-offline women’s examination services such as breast, hormone, cervical and more. The campaign is jointly promoted with Bayer to raise women’s awareness on health management and help them to discover their health risks in a timely manner.

JD Pharmacy established the Women’s Health Care Center this February. The center has so far provided over 5,000 female users with long-term personalized one-on-one health care support in the aspects of pharmacist consultations and special offers for medicines and physical examinations, bridging the service gap between diagnosis/treatment and medicine supplies and fostering a new type of communication space among experts and patients.

The landing page of JD Pharmacy’s Women’s Health Care Center

Among other services, the center has created a community for expecting mothers to acquire relevant healthcare knowledge with doctors online, chat with other mothers and learn from certified nutritionists, maternity matrons, infants’ nurses and other specialists.

For women with common diseases such as endometriosis and adenomyosis, the center carries out a series of livestreaming lectures and free diagnosis programs to inform users of the importance of early detection and treatment. And for women in perimenopause, the center provides one-on-one calls with pharmacists to guide users’ medicine usage and help ease their anxiety.

The center also creates an anonymous exchange space upon request to keep users’ privacy and create a more relaxed environment to speak out about their concerning issues and experiences. “I can learn from women of different ages here as well as learn a lot of health care knowledge,” said an active user in the community. “Knowing other ladies’ pains on endometriosis is a good wake-up call to me to adjust my lifestyle and do things to prevent these diseases.”

Data from China Health Statistics Yearbook shows that the mobility rate of gynecological diseases is showing a downward trend from 28.8% in 2010 to 22.2% in 2018, indicating women’s growing attention to their health management.

JD Pharmacy’s Women’s Health Care Center will continue to provide professional and convenient healthcare services for women across China, and by doing so, the company is making another important step towards building a one-stop medicine and healthcare service experience for all the people, noted a JD Health spokesperson.