Dec 24, 2020|

ProChile Trade Commissioner Joins JD Livestream to Promote Cherries


by Ling Cao

JD held a livestream on Dec 23 to introduce seasonal Chilean cherries. Natalia Cortes Garcia, Trade Commissioner from ProChile Beijing, was present. The event is one of the developments after JD formed a premium alliance with cherry merchants to source top quality cherries from Chile. ProChile is the institution under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in charge of promoting exports of products and services.

During the livestream, JD provided several cherry gift boxes at attractive prices, and customers were active including JD’s PLUS members. One customer had posted “like” 301 times of the livestream, and several said they can’t wait to purchase. JD also promised to provide special refund for any rotten cherries.  JD also sent out free cherries for lucky customers at the event.

From left to right: Yue Wang, livestream host, Natalia Cortes Garcia, Trade Commissioner from ProChile Beijing, Yihong Wang, sales manager of imported fruits at JD Fresh

Natalia said, “As the cherries grow in the center of the country, they can get a lot of sunlight in the day, while being cold in the night, and the strong temperature difference makes fruits in Chile juicy and delicious. Regarding the way of eating, I’d recommend fresh is the best. You can eat them at a flexible time in the day, such as in the morning for breakfast, after lunch as snacks, or eat them while watching livestreaming and movies at night.”

She added, “In the near future, we will also have kiwi and other fruits soon, in addition to the popular apples and grapes already exported to China.”

Addition to Chilean cherries, JD Fresh aims to provide a wide range of products to customers sourced from around the globe, and deliver to customers’ doorstep quickly and securely. Other fresh food introduced during the livestream included New Zealand kiwi, Philippine pineapple, Thai coconut and more.