Jul 15, 2020|

Richard Liu makes JD an Employment “Stabilizer” with 260,000 Jobs and Annual Benefit of RMB 6B Yuan


by Vivian Yang

Richard Liu, founder and CEO of JD.com, has been keeping his promise to provide all JD employees with their full salary, social security insurance and housing fund benefits.  Operating a company with over 260,000 employees in the face of COVID-19, this promise is all the more remarkable. Though it means JD must put aside RMB 6 billion yuan a year, it provides a sense of security for the company’s hard-working employees and their families.

A news report on July 14th by CHINANEWS.com, a news website based in Beijing, mentioned that internet companies play an important role in absorbing new graduates in the job market, which in 2020 amount to 8.74 million in total. With its huge employee base, JD is cited as a “stabilizer” for society to ensure employment and economic growth during this time.

JD’s size and steady business growth enable it to offer more on employment opportunities even amid the pandemic. So far JD has received 130,000 resumes from its campus recruiting campaign for the fall of 2020. The number of offers given to new graduates has doubled since last year. Many new hires have already started their onboarding process. Among them, the number of technical positions such as algorithm and software engineers as well as overseas graduates are rising.  Additionally, JD Customer Service alone recruited 2,000 graduates in the first half of 2020.

To provide a superior shopping experience, there are over 10,000 people working for JD Customer Service, the largest customer service team in the internet industry. JD’s proprietary logistics service also offers various opportunities. On top of that, JD’s business growth in several of its businesses such as JD Retail, JD Digits, JD Health and JD MRO(management, repair, operation) are all in need of young talent.

In addition to recruiting from campuses to join its team, JD is also supporting college graduates to start their own e-commerce businesses through providing training and resources in financing, marketing, traffic and more.

The report made a comparison of China’s leading internet companies in terms of employee numbers. Currently, Alibaba has 100,000 employees, Tencent and ByteDance have 60,000 employees each, Baidu and Meituan have 30,000 employees each, and Pinduoduo and DiDi have 10,000 employees each. That adds up to 300,000 employees altogether for the seven companies, while JD has 260,000 alone.

The report made a comparison of China’s leading internet companies in terms of employee numbers.