Apr 26, 2021|

Sales of Child Safety Seats Rise on JD


by Rachel Liu

International child safety seat brands and high-end products are getting more popular on JD, said a sales manager from JD today.

In China, concern for children’s safety on the roads is rising. JD Super, JD’s online supermarket will work with brand partners to increase the market penetration of child safety seats especially in lower tier cities in China, providing more diversified products to better protect children’s safety.

The China Child Safety Seats Industry White Paper released by JD Super, China Certification Center for Automotive Products, and Hubei Daily Media Group on Apr. 16 shows that the market size of Child Safety Seats will reach hundreds of billions of RMB. The current penetration rate of child safety seats in China is far below that of developed countries. According to the white paper, the child safety seats industry in China will increase 10-20 times in the next five to 10 years.

Sales of the safety seats category on JD grew 86.6% YOY during 2019 and 91.6% during Q1 2021, with a slight dip in 2020 due to COVID-19. The most important factors that impact customers’ shopping decisions when buying safety seats are safety, price and easy installation, according to the white paper. Most of the customers prefer to choose well-known brands.

“British brand Britax is the best-selling brand among child safety seat brands on JD. Cybes and osann from Germany, and Maxi Cosi from Holland are also among Top 10 brands,” said the JD sales manager. “Another interesting trend that we saw is that demand from customers from lower-tier markets is increasing. Sales of child safety seats by customers in sixth-tier cities ranked No.3 on JD.”

JD is continuously introducing more child safety seat brands to the platform, and sales of the products have seen double digit increases every year.