Apr 26, 2021|

JD Health Partners with Shanxi to Improve Local Mental Health Services


by Hui Zhang

JD Health announced on April 24 that it will cooperate with the Psychiatric Specialist Alliance of Shanxi Province , to improve local mental illness services and bring more psychological specialists to JD Health. Set up by the province’s health commission, the cooperation promises to give full play to the advantages of both sides, such as technology, platform capability and medical resources.

“So far, JD Health has more than 7,000 psychiatric specialists. The cooperation with the Psychiatric Specialist Alliance of Shanxi Province will further increase that number and enhance the service capability of physicians from both sides,” said Fangyi Jin, general manager of specialized Internet hospitals for JD Health. “JD Health will continue to build alliances with various specialist hospitals, industrial associations, physician alliances and more.”

Through the cooperation, nearly 600 specialists from 118 public psychological medical institutions of the Psychiatric Specialist Alliance of Shanxi Province will join JD Health’s Internet Hospital to offer professional consultation services to patients online. Meanwhile, both sides will further improve treatment capabilities and services provided by physicians including online consultations, trainings and livestreaming.

In addition to guaranteeing professional and convenient services to consumers through the cooperation, both sides are also targeting to explore innovation in medical scientific research. Through the cooperation, both sides will work together to build four online platforms, with one of them providing one-stop psychological medical services; the other one aiming to help physicians improve their specialty capability; and the third one focusing on digital medical innovation research; and the last one aiming to provide the whole industry a place to exchange academic experiences.

Although China is gradually settling into a post-COVID normalization of conditions, mental health remains a public health issue that cannot be ignored. Around 173 million people in China suffer from mental illness, of which 158 million have never received professional treatment, according to a report released by The Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal. Among this group, 27.9% struggle with depression, and 31.6% suffer from anxiety, according to China’s National Research Center for Mental Diseases.

These efforts are in line with the Chinese government’s increased focus on mental health efforts, as stated in the National Mental Health Working Plan (2015-2020) and more recently, the Healthy China Action Plan (2019-2030), which aims to improve the country’s treatment rate of depression by 80% by 2030; and increase public awareness of mental health issues.