Jun 11, 2021|

Sales of Emerging Brands Surge on JD Super’s Big Day


by Ling Cao

Sales of emerging brands surged on JD Super’s Big Day on June 7, which is part of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion from June 1 to June 18. Data showed that these brands under the liquor and fresh produce categories increased 22 times and 10 times YOY, respectively. The omni-channel business model also accelerated JD Super’s sales growth.

Emerging brands such as fast-moving consumer goods brands Yuanqisenlin, Liziqi and Saturnbird Coffee all run stores on JD Super. JD has been using marketing methods to help grow the business of over 30,000 new brands or stores, with nearly 2.44 million new products released on JD.

Additionally, JD also utilizes innovative marketing tools to promote campaigns, such as livestreaming with celebrities or brands’ executives. On June 7, sales contributed from the initiatives increased by 12 times YOY.

Other categories on JD also kept the growth momentum, with food and snacks, and baby and maternal sales increasing by 143% and 105% YOY, respectively.

JD’s Omni-channel Fulfillment program has grown sales by 17 times YOY, as well as attracted SMEs making orders, thus accelerating business-to-business sales on JD Super to increase over 300% YOY.

“We’ve seen the consumption trends of this year’s 618 from omni-channel, high-quality products to more customers with different age groups participating,” said Chenkai Ling, Vice President of JD.com and Head of Strategy, JD Retail. “The supply chain is also upgrading to intelligence and digitalization.”