May 6, 2020|

Sales of Garbage Disposals on Increase 3 Times YOY Ahead of Mandatory Trash Sorting Regulations in Beijing


by Yuchuan Wang

On May 1st, Beijing became the newest city to adopt citywide mandatory trash sorting. According to JD’s big data, page views for garbage disposals during April 22nd to 24th increased 322% year-on-year and the transaction volume increased nearly 3 times, of which Beijing accounted for 21% of the total sales, much higher than other cities.

The data also shows that “garbage disposal unit” has become a key search term for JD’s enterprise clients and the sales in April increased 165% on a year-on-year basis. Top items include elevator trash bins for hotels, hotel room bins, outdoor bins and medical-use bins.

JD Business, JD’s enterprise procurement channel, has launched solutions to help local companies comply with the new recycling policies, covering scenarios such as buildings, office area, residential area, airports and train stations. JD Business already provided solutions to enterprises including Beijing China Railway Construction Engineering Group (北京中铁建工), Zhongfu Building Property Co (中服大厦物业公司) and Wanlongzhou Catering (万龙洲饮食).

At’s 7FRESH chain supermarkets, degradable lunch containers and environmental-friendly shopping bags are already being used. Collaborating with recycling products brand LOVERE, 7FRESH uses discarded plastic bottles to develop shopping bags which can hold 10 to 15 kilograms’ weight of items and be used more than a hundred times.

Last year, JD’s AI team developed a solution that enables people to take a photo of the type of waste they have and be guided on how to dispose of it properly. The function was also made available as an API via NeuHub, JD’s open AI platform, so that enterprises can easily implement the technology in their own businesses.