Feb 21, 2020|

Sales of JD C2M Health-Related Home Appliances Tripled


by Tracy Yang

Sales of C2M (consumer-to-manufacturer) health-related home appliances on JD from January 25 till now, have tripled compared with the same period last year.

Relying on big data, JD has consistently been working with home appliances brands to develop C2M products that have disinfection and sterilization functionality, and that are also certified by national authorities of health home appliances.

Popular products in this category include air purifiers, sanitizer cabinets and sterilizer machines, among which Midea, Philips, A.O. Smith, Canbo and Deerma have become the most popular brands of health appliances.

With outbreak of COVID-19, more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce platforms like JD.com to buy home appliances.

Recently, JD urgently deployed inventory in five categories of household appliances, including air purifiers, cleaners, dishwashers, sanitizer cabinets and irons, to ensure sufficient inventory for three months to meet the home disinfection and sterilization needs of Chinese consumers.

With explosive sales growth, JD has fully leveraged its capabilities in supply chain management and worked closely with home appliance brands to ensure enough inventory is in stock to meet Chinese consumers’ needs. In addition, JD has taken several measures to protect consumers’ interests, including initiating sales promotions, a 30-day price guarantee and a 24-month interest-free period, while ensuring price stability.