Feb 13, 2020|

JD Helps A.O. Smith Donate Air Purifiers to 100+ Hospitals in China


By Tracy Yang


More than 100 hospitals in China have received air purifiers as of now, delivered by JD Logistics. Those air purifiers were donated by A.O. Smith.

As a global leader in the electrical machinery industry and a major manufacturer of air purification units in the China market, A.O. Smith planned to donate RMB 18 million worth of air purifiers to more than 100 designated hospitals in Wuhan and across the country in late January.

Relying on its nationwide logistics infrastructure, with more than 10 years of supply chain service experience, upon receiving the enquiry from A.O. Smith, JD Logistics leveraged rational route planning and emergency scheduling capacity, and quickly completed the matching decision between national supply transportation and available transportation capacity.

Considering the large size of each of the purifiers and the volume of the products needed to be transported quickly, JD Logistics formed a special team to process the order, follow up with updates and track of all necessary information during the process.

The air purifiers were all delivered to the designated hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hunan and Henan provinces in just seven days – quite a challenging feat given the impact of both Chinese New Year and the epidemic situation’s impact on road conditions and logistics staff availability.

The air purifiers have antibacterial coating HEPA filter elements. Lab tests have confirmed that A.O. Smith’s air purifiers are 99.9% effective in removing the H1N1 virus, which is 80-120nm in size, and is a similar size as the novel coronavirus (which is about 100 nm in size). The air purifiers are very important to ensure the air quality in the hospital ward and to help prevent cross-infection.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, JD Logistics has leveraged its strong capabilities in its supply chain management and technology to deliver medical supplies and daily necessities to Wuhan and its surrounding areas in a timely manner. Till now, JD Logistics had delivered more than 2000 tons of epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities from all over the country, in addition to providing strong support to many brands and merchants, who participate in coronavirus aid.