Jan 29, 2021|

SEVEN FRESH to Add a Store in Chengdu


by Ling Cao

SEVEN FRESH will open a new store in Chengdu on Jan. 30, right before the Chinese New Year (CNY), providing local customers with cross-culture products ranging from bighead carp fished out of Chagan Lake in Jilin province, Chilean cherries and local specialties in Chengdu. On the opening day, the store will offer buy-one-get-one-free discount on more than 100 products. Customers can also enjoy delicious local food cooked in-store, such as fried meat in the Sichuan style, Wanzhou-style barbecue fish, Chongqing cuisine and more.

Leveraging big data, JD has analyzed customer profiles in a three-kilometer radius around the store, which is located at a Longfor Business Mall. Data shows that the area gathers a wide range of ages, from younger generations to elderly people. To meet their different needs, JD has adjusted the product categories within the store, adding not only daily necessities, but also high-end products such as organic food.

To prepare for the launch, JD held a Member’s Day during Jan. 27-28, inviting customers to enjoy a free taste of fruits, beverages and baked goods, which gained interest from customers.

Lixia Duan, head of SEVEN FRESH supermarkets said, “In addition to ensuring people’s livelihood, we hope the SEVEN FRESH store can provide an omnichannel shopping experience, as well as an entertainment place for local residents.”

SEVEN FRESH will continue to operate online and offline during CNY. To help customers prepare for CNY gift purchases, it also provides a delivery service. Customers can purchase at the store, and JD Express will deliver to recipients remotely. The delivery will be free on purchases above RMB 400 yuan for intra-city delivery, and RMB 800 yuan for between cities.