Jan 29, 2021|

SEVEN FRESH Provides Same-Day Delivery To Sealed-Off Communities


by Martin Li

SEVEN FRESH, JD’s omnichannel supermarket brand, has been providing same-day home delivery to seventeen residential communities in Beijing’s Daxing District, where almost 20,000 residents are sealed off to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The two supermarkets serving the sealed-off area have seen their daily order numbers jump 2.5 times since Jan. 18 when the preventive measures took effect.

There are almost 140 in-store staff and 70 delivery staff in the two supermarkets, who are all involved in ensuring supply and delivery to the sealed-off communities. They sanitize open areas, warehouses and office areas every two hours.

Each order contains products in different sizes, including bottled water, rice, cooking oil, vegetables and fruits, which are a challenge to deliver.

“We understand residents’ worries about insufficient supply of daily necessities. The more orders we deliver, the more residents will feel relieved,” said Yunjun Cao, who is in charge of SEVEN FRESH’s business in northern China.

In 2020 Cao was involved in the efforts to ensure supply in Wuhan during the virus outbreak.

“Our delivery staff used to ride smaller electric vehicles, but now they have to drive vans to deliver more orders,” said Cao.

Some staff have even used their private vehicles to deliver orders on account of the volume, according to Cao.