Jan 13, 2021|

Shenzhen’s Luohu Cooperates with JD Logistics to Go Digital


by Yuchuan Wang

Luohu district in Shenzhen signed a partnership with JD Logistics on Jan. 11, to leverage the company’s expertise in supply chain, technology and management to help the district go digital.

Bordering Hong Kong, Luohu was the first district established after Shenzhen was promoted to city status in 1979. The district is developing rapidly in the research and application of advanced technologies such as AI, life science and more.

JD will support Luohu in building and development of smart logistics parks, smart warehouses, smart city infrastructure, industrial belts, specialized markets, and smart innovation centers, among many other aspects.

“Joining hands with JD, Luohu will create and provide a better environment by building facilities and efficient services to bring new opportunities for Luohu’s development,” said Zhiyong Liu, head of Luohu district.

“JD Logistics will fully leverage our advantages in the industry to lead the application and transformation of cutting-edge supply chain technologies in Luohu,” said Qun Xue, General Manager of JD Logistics’ Southern China branch.