Jan 12, 2021|

JD Super and Biostime Launch New Infant Milk Powder


by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, recently worked with French brand Biostime to launch Terroir infant milk powder for 12-to-36 month babies on JD.

The milk that the new Biostime Terroir product uses originates from Poitou-Charentes region of France, one of the only two AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée, one of the four origin and quality labels recognized in Europe) recognized origins in the country. It also adopts Biostime’s unique SN-2PLUS breast milk fat optimization technology to make the milk powder more similar to breast milk.

The product also adds GOS probiotics and lactose, which helps balance the intestinal flora of babies, and nucleotides which can help improve immunity.

Fengting Li, China CEO of H&H Group said: “Terroir is an important product for us in e-commerce channels. Biostime will work with JD Super to provide healthier and high-quality products for Chinese consumers.”

Biostime joined JD in 2014. The brand debuted the Terroir series on JD in 2018. JD Super has a large group of quality customers, and leverages its advantages in big data and customer operations to help Biostime continuously improve its performance as the brand continues to grow in the China market. In Q3 2020, sales of Biostime milk powder increased 12.6% in China. “JD Super will continue to support Biostime through exploring new channels and lower-tier markets, as well as marketing opportunities,” said Lizhen Liu, general manager of JD FMCG.