Mar 12, 2020|

Small And Strong, Very Hot Sell: FLAMMA at JD


by Tracy Yang

Wuliangye(五粮液),a renowned premium liquor brand from China, is partnering with JD Super, China’s largest supermarket online or offline to launch FLAMMA, 70% Original Liquor “Xiaojiu” (小酒). The brand sold 5,000 bottles within two minutes of launching.

FLAMMA, with 70% alcohol, is the high-end Xiaojiu brand launched by Wuliangye. Limited in supply, this very strong liquor is crystal clear and offers a unique taste with an elegant grain bouquet, rich flavor and with a long finish. The taste mellows with age, and increases in monetary value over time, making it a collectable.

Xiaojiu is the Chinese pinyin for “small bottle of liquor”. A bottle of Xiujiu typically holds 50-250ml of liquor. At first, Chinese liquor brands began to launch Xiaojiu to be given as gifts or to test new products for consumers to try before engaging in larger-scale production. Over time, Xiaojiu has become a specific category itself since brands want to target young consumers, such as those born after the 1980s and 1990s. This cohort prefers smaller bottles and seeks to drink responsibly as well as for pleasure. currently offers several brands of Xiaojiu, including Xiaoer (小二), Jiangxiaobai (江小白), Langjiu(郎酒), Jinjiu(劲酒) and others.