Jan 28, 2022|

Sri Lankan Ambassador to China Takes a New Post as JD Courier to Deliver Online Orders for Celebrating the Year of Tiger


by Yuchuan Wang

With the approaching steps of Chinese New Year, Dr. Palitha Kohona, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China, knocked on the door of a Beijing couple’s home, with his companion Mr. Sampath Perera, tea promotion officer from the embassy, and a JD courier. His mission was to deliver a new year parcel of a can of premium Ceylon tea to consumers, and to thank them for their purchase of Sri Lanka products.

The couple are tea aficionados, and tea has become an integral part of their lives during their spare time. They even set up a private tea house, where the Ambassador visited. Ambassador Kohona is a tea expert, he showed them how to make the Ceylon black tea on the spot.

Sri Lankan Ambassador to China Dr. Palitha Kohona (left) and Mr. Sampath Perera (right), tea promotion officer from the embassy, celebrate Chinese New Year with a Chinese couple in their Beijing home

The Ambassador said that 15 million kilograms of tea were exported to China from Sri Lanka in 2020, and the country hopes to double the volume within three years. In January 2021, a Sri Lanka national pavilion was launched on JD.com to promote local products including Ceylon tea.

The couple was also lucky to receive a gift from Ambassador Kohona, a carefully selected tea box with a gift card signed by the Ambassador and marked with the national emblem of Sri Lanka.

“It is a rare memory in my diplomatic career to deliver New Year goods to local Chinese with the JD courier,” said the Ambassador. He was excited to have the opportunity to visit a Chinese home, learn about the couple’s lives and enjoy the sweet time spent together like family.

Ambassador Palitha Kohona was among the other eight Ambassadors to China from Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru and Rwanda to participate in JD.com’s new year parcel delivery activity.