Oct 27, 2022|

Technology Powers JD Logistics’ Fast Service during Singles’ Day Grand Promotion


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics will leverage multiple technologies to secure steady operations and fast fulfillment for customers’ orders, powered by automation, AI, big data and more, during this Single’s Day Grand Promotion.

As the first logistics company in China to adopt address precision recognition technology, the company utilizes a 5-level address management service which leverages spatiotemporal big data and natural language processing technologies to analyze the address information input by customers. In China, addresses can be quite complicated, and postal codes are not always required for mail, especially for e-commerce parcels. The technology can precisely recognize address information, thus speeding up the fulfillment process and raising fulfillment accuracy.

Additionally, millions of kinds of products will be put in the nearest warehouses to customers and even in the delivery stations in their residential compounds, thanks to sales forecasting, so that couriers can deliver to their doorsteps as soon as the order is made, making delivery in minutes possible in 200 cities across China.

Ahead of this year’s Singles’ Day, the second phase of JD’s Xi’an Asia No.1 logistics park was put into use. Its autonomous delivery vehicles service area will also be expanded to more cities including Wuxi, Guiyang, Nanning and more. This intelligent contact-less automated delivery service also serves Sam’s Club and SEVEN FRESH supermarkets.