May 7, 2020|

Time Magazine Runs Story about JD Health


by Tracy Yang

Time Magazine published an article on May 6th on its website entitled “How the Coronavirus is Helping to Fix China’s Broken Healthcare System”. The article provided a holistic overview of the telehealth industry in China, introducing how online consultation can help address the issues China’s healthcare system faces, and notes that COVID-19 helped drive Chinese consumer behavior changes regarding telemedicine.

The article mentions that online consultations on JD Health due to COVID-19 surged, and delivery of medicine to patients’ homes was also mentioned. Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, was quoted in the article highlighting that the convenience of telehealth will remain attractive after the crisis abates.

In addition, the article introduces Dr. Liu Yafeng, a full-time online doctor employed by JD Health, to illustrate the different role responsibilities of doctors in offline hospitals and online platforms. Regarding his experience, he shared, “I get a greater sense of accomplishment because of all the positive feedback I receive from patients.”

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