Jun 29, 2020|

Top Industry Magazine Highlights JD’s Anti-epidemic Efforts


by Ling Cao

JD was highlighted in the June issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International, a London-based leading logistics magazine. The article focused on how major Chinese e-commerce companies like JD cope with challenges posed by COVID-19 by relying on “next-generation tech and community spirit”.

The article highlights that “delivery drivers have become a vital lifeline in the fight against Covid-19, and this could not be more true than for those in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the epidemic.

Jun Fan, head of JD Express at JD Logistics, said in the article, “JD Logistics spared no resources to help livelihoods and transport medical supplies during Covid-19. Our couriers have been on the frontline during the entire epidemic. Ordinarily, they would deliver directly to customers’ doors. However, with the virus, in order to reduce human-to-human contact, we implemented numerous contactless delivery methods.” The article also highlights JD’s application of autonomous delivery robots in Wuhan to support last mile delivery, as well as prioritization of staff safety.

Post and Parcel Technology International also drew attention to the importance of demand prediction and scheduling in the supply chain to quickly adapt to changing needs. “JD scientists detected the path of the epidemic at a very early stage thanks to the integration of the SEIR (susceptible, exposed, infectious, recovered) disease model and demographic data in its supply chain management system. This enabled the company to ensure that medical materials were available to high-risk areas and to determine demand for specific products in specific areas,” writes the article. It quotes Fan: “To reduce delays at the peak, we leveraged our experience in logistics and our technology driven network to do rescheduling that ensured products were delivered in a timely manner.”

Supporting the community is also highlighted in the article as one of JD’s major efforts.  “To cope with demand and instead of relying solely on the stock in JD warehouses, the company used its omnichannel fulfillment platform to calculate which brick and mortar store nearest to the customer had the items in stock, and then sourced the inventory from there instead. This has enabled JD to speed delivery and in some cases products arrived within 15 minutes of the order being made.” To further cope with demand for grocery delivery, JD launched a new service in early February, Mobile Fresh Basket. Fan explains that JD launched the service “to provide a convenient and reliable way for people in Hubei province to get fresh produce that was already around them instead of it having to come from elsewhere.”

Going forward, “JD Logistics is working hard to improve its AI and 5G capabilities in the future. “Bing Fu, JD Logistics head of strategy, affirms in the article, if there is one positive to come out of the pandemic, it is the impact it has had on the implementation of digital solutions. “While COVID-19 is not welcomed, it has promoted the digitization of consumption, which concurrently drives supply chain upgrade. Only by shortening and digitizing the fulfillment process can we increase efficiency and access customers faster with increased precision,” he explains.

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