JD to Provide RMB 500 Million Allowances to Front-line Workers during Chinese New Year

by Yuchuan Wang

2023 marks the eleventh year that will provide standard delivery service during the Chinese New Year holiday, in 366 cities and 1,700 districts and counties across China. JD Logistics has announced that it will provide RMB 500 million in allowances to front-line workers who opt to working during the holiday, ensuring benefits higher than the national standard.

The allowances will also be used for a family gathering program that enables employees’ kids to travel from other places to visit their parents working away from home. This program, which was announced in 2014 by Chairman Richard Liu, gives employees who live apart from their children a special cash payment so that the children can travel to visit their parents during the CNY holiday. Later the program was extended to childless employees as an extra stipend for their holiday work.

Hui Liu is a female courier in Beijing, and she was the first employee on her team to apply for working during the holiday. She plans to bring her two children from Handan, Hebei province to Beijing to celebrate the Year of Rabbit. “My husband also supports my decision,” she said. “Apart from all kinds of allowances, I can also earn thousands of extra RMB.”

For these employees, JD Logistics will also offer a more flexible rotation policy so that they can enjoy vacations before or after the week-long national holiday. Jiquan Zang, a courier in Beijing, recently visited his parents-in-law before the holiday; Binbin Cui, a courier in Qinghai province plans to go back to his hometown in Henan province on the day of Lantern Festival, which is 14 days after the Chinese New Year’s Day; Wenxiong Chen, a courier in Fujian province, has promised his daughter to bring her to visit the ancient city of Licheng after this holiday.

Eleven years ago, was the first e-commerce company in China to commit to delivery during CNY, featuring standard service without delays or extra fees. This year, Deppon Logistics will also join JD Logistics in securing delivery. Moreover, 600 autonomous vehicles and over 100 indoor robots will also join the crew to fulfill last-mile delivery in 30 cities in China.


( Selected as Franz Edelman Award Finalist for Responsible Supply Chain

by Yuchuan Wang was selected by INFORMS as a finalist for the 52nd annual Franz Edelman Awards, the world’s most prestigious honor for achievements in analytics and operations research (O.R.). The company has been recognized for its advanced research and application of a responsible supply chain that facilitates JD to achieve three levels of superior performances, including daily operational excellence, resiliency under disruption and value creation for the ecosystem, according to a press release by INFORMS on January 17.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the retail industry, causing supply chain disruptions to different parties within the ecosystem. JD-Y,’s smart supply chain research body, developed a collaborative and holistic supply chain solution to mitigate the disruptions.

From the retailers’ end, based on AI deep learning, JD-Y’s “End-to-end Optimization” offers an optimal automated replenishment plan that provides almost certain forecasts even under uncertain conditions. It leverages enormous historical data, deep learning technology, inventory strategy and more, to enable better decision-making process and supply chain operations. Based on this end-to-end solution, has achieved an automated procurement rate of 85 percent, an online availability of 95 percent and 31.5-day turnover days while owning over 10 million SKUs.

From the consumers’ end, emergencies such as the pandemic can result in delayed fulfillment due to closure of roads, shortage in labor, skyrocketing order volume and more. JD-Y’s “Intelligent Risk Management System” can detect and identify the risks and disruptions even before they take place, rank their severity and coordinate the whole supply chain at the same time to allocate and ensure supplies catch up with demand and reach end-consumers effectively. This system helped rank No.2 on Fortune’s 2022 Change the World List for its efforts in delivering essential supplies during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

From the manufacturers’ end, given the fact the chain is long and there are several intermediate links between the manufacturer and consumers, it is hard for manufacturers to accurately and quickly capture the demand. Additionally, the bull-whip effect usually increases the inventory cost. More efficient product development and operation are crucial especially during disruptions, because the resources and cash flow are more limited. JD-Y’s C2M (consumer-to-manufacturer) solution helps manufacturers improve their overall efficiency, from product design, intelligent production planning, to inventory planning and sales strategies. It has been proved to enable manufacturers to reduce product launch time by 67 percent.

Named after Franz Edelman (who established one of the earliest industrial operations research and management science groups) shortly after his death in 1982, the award aims to recognize and reward global outstanding examples of operations research, management science, and advanced analytics in practice.



JD Health Offers Free Antipyretics and Online Consultation to Help Rural China Fight COVID

by Tong Shen and Vivian Yang

JD Health launched an extensive anti-COVID health support project for Chinese towns and villages on January 8, which includes a donation of 10 million tablets of antipyretics, and free online medical consultations.

The charity project was initiated two weeks ahead of the Chinese New Year (CNY), also known as the Spring Festival, when hundreds of millions of Chinese people will go back to their hometowns for family reunions, which will inevitably enhance pressures on relatively vulnerable health care infrastructure in rural areas.

The project has prepared 10 million tablets of antipyretics for emergency response and promises to give 500 tablets to each participating village. As soon as the village’s application is verified and approved in the system, JD Logistics will leverage its nationwide network to fulfill the delivery with no delay during the holiday period.

Meanwhile, JD Health will open 24/7 free online consultation services on COVID-related inquiries to all rural residents across the country during the CNY holiday period, providing villagers convenient and trust-worthy health support and alleviating strain on local medical resources.

As China’s COVID control policy has loosened since December, JD Health has been stepping up efforts in supporting medicine supplies amid the surge of infections, including collaborating with more than 30 essential up- and down-stream pharmaceutical enterprises and stabilizing medicine prices. The company also leveraged its telemedicine resources to immediately launch the “online anti-Covid clinic,” enabling people access to free and timely health consultation services at home.

JD Health has also directed precise support on medical supplies to less developed regions through close collaboration with governments including Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and more, where more than 80 percent of orders of COVID relief supplies from JD Health went to counties and townships.




Online Book Seller Dangdang Launches Flagship Store on

by Yuchuan Wang

Online bookstore Dangdang ( has launched an official flagship store on, the two parties announced on January 10. The collaboration is expected to help Dangdang gain more users, while offering both the parties’ customers diversified books at better prices.

A representative from JD Books said, “JD Books has been committed to expanding its sales scale and promoting the online book store business. The launch of Dangdang on JD will enrich our book businesses and benefit readers by building advantages in product offering and pricing.”

The partnership will also benefit Dangdang, its representative said. “Our partnership with JD Books strengthens Dangdang’s advantage in the integration of publishing resources and our capability in creating best-sellers. It further enhances our customer care ability and extend services, issue notifications, and provide full category books at competitive prices.”

Dangdang’s flagship store on will offer all categories of books available on, including exclusive offerings. JD and Dangdang will also cooperate in cracking down on pirated books to protect the IPRs. Inventory sharing, warehousing complementation, omni-channel fulfillment and other supply chain models will be explored to maximize operation efficiency and lower the costs.

In terms of marketing, JD Books will join hands with Dangdang to create innovative campaigns to attract readers, and will support Dangdang in operating to achieve better sales.



JD Takes Action to Ease Medicine Shortages in Rural Areas

by Tong Shen

JD Logistics helped deliver a first batch of 30,000 oximeters from Danyang, Jiangsu province to Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province, on January 6, to secure sufficient medical product supply in rural area. The oximeters were provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

After it was announced that there was an urgent need for transportation of medical supplies, JD Logistics exerted its supply chain advantages immediately, dispatched human and transportation resources on call, and delivered the medical supplies to rural areas. The 30,000 sets of oximeters will be distributed to 86 counties in Gansu province.

JD Logistics has activated a prioritized mechanism for the delivery of medical products, and extended the working hours for last-mile delivery to enable smooth rural logistics and distribution.

JD Health is also dedicated to ease the medicine shortages in rural areas with its own specialty offerings. The “JD Health Emergency Medicine Box” public welfare project has been launched recently, as a joint initiative of JD Health and China Social Assistance Foundation to support rural areas. With the support of 1,810 merchants on JD Health, the first batch antipyretic medicine will be donated to 37,000 rural people in Henan, Guizhou, Gansu, Shaanxi and Guangxi provinces.


( ESG Survey

Dear stakeholders of,

We sincerely invite you to participate in this year’s ESG survey to understand your views and expectations on JD’s environmental, social and governance work. The survey results will provide strong support for us to prepare the FY2022 ESG report and achieve the company’s long-term sustainable development.

The survey is divided into three parts and will last for about five minutes.
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This questionnaire does not involve professional field knowledge, and there is no right or wrong answer. Your real feedback is the best guide for our continuous improvement.

Thank you for your active participation and strong support for’s ESG cause!

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Posted in ESG Kicks Off 2023 Chinese New Year Promotion with Holiday Delivery

by Yuchuan Wang kicked off the 2023 Chinese New Year Grand Promotion at 8pm on December 29, and announced that for the eleventh consecutive year, the company’s affiliate JD Logistics will provide delivery during the holiday in 366 cities, 1,700 districts and counties across China. Customers will not only enjoy discounts, but can also place and receive orders even on the eve and the day of the Chinese New Year (CNY) on January 22.

For Chinese people, CNY is the most important traditional festival, during which most businesses will shut down including logistics and delivery service providers. Eleven years ago was the first e-commerce company in China to commit to delivery during CNY, featuring standard service without delays or extra fees. This year, Deppon Logistics will also join JD Logistics in securing delivery. Moreover, 600 autonomous vehicles and over 100 indoor robots will also join the crew to fulfill last-mile delivery in 30 cities in China.

As for front-line workers who will be working during the holiday, JD Logistics will provide additional allowances to ensure their benefits are higher than the national standard. The company will also provide allowances for those employees who live apart from their kids, to enable their kids to travel to visit parents during CNY. also launched a special 24/7 care service for seniors who are not familiar with using smart phones. Upon the activation of the service, customer service calls from seniors will be picked up by an exclusive team that can provide one-stop aftersales consulting including product usage advice, repairs, returns and more.

JD will also offer a 30-day price guarantee service for more than 300 million products during this year’s CNY Grand Promotion; if there is a going down of the price, customers will be able to get refunds of the difference with one-click.



JD Logistics Airlines Adds All-cargo Routes

by Yuchuan Wang

Following its existing route between Shenzhen, Guangdong province and Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, JD Logistics Airlines announced that it has launched two new all-cargo routes, one from Beijing to Wuhu, Anhui province to Nantong, Jiangsu province; and the other between Shenzhen, Guangdong province and Wuxi, Jiangsu province.

The inaugural flight of Beijing-Wuhu-Nantong was taken by a 737-800 all-cargo aircraft, landing in Wuhu Xuanzhou Airport at 7:30 a.m. on December 28. The route is expected to improve the logistics transportation efficiency in east and north China, enabling the collaboration of JD Logistics’ Asia No.1 logistics parks in Hefei and Wuhu, and satellite warehouses in their neighboring areas.

The inaugural flight of the Shenzhen-Wuxi route took off from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport at 2:15 a.m. on December 30. JD will operate the route six times a week with daily transportation capacity of up to 15 tons.

Since 2017, JD Logistics has been developing its air cargo business with airline companies. Currently, JD Logistics has access to over 1000 air transportation routes covering more than 100 airports, and has achieved a coverage rate of more than 95 percent for its air express delivery service across multiple cities in China.

The establishment of JD Logistics Airlines (formerly known as JD Airlines) will fulfill the increasing volume of air freight orders, and facilitate JD Logistics building a more flexible, dependable and controllable supply chain.